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Join us for one of the Second Saturday
Work Party
days each month and work in
the many Beneficial Habitat Gardens at Falkirk,
which are filled with native plants. There is lots of
talking and learning together at the work parties.














UC Marin Master Gardeners

Falkirk News
by Gail Mason


 The rains have finally come, just as the irrigation was repaired! 

Isn’t that the way of it... 

We at Falkirk welcome the rain and are planting away, having waited for just the right time to put in new plants.  The California Native Garden section of the Mediterranean Garden is putting in Sticky Monkey, Toyon and any number of other beauties.  We take December off in terms of our Second Saturday Work Party but are in the gardens most Mondays from about 9:00-12:00, if anyone needs volunteer hours and wants to join us. 

And we will be offering our annual hands on learning experience in January: 


Falkirk Events


 Saturday, January 13, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00, in the Rose/Habitat Garden

 Earn 3 CE hours – Coffee and snacks provided

Connie Pelissero and Sandy Simon, MGs and Rosarians, will talk about and demonstrate

how to prune your roses and when to prune them (January/February!).  Participants

will then prune some bushes with supervision to get the full benefit of the instructions.

Wear long sleeves, garden gloves and bring your hand pruners! 


Meanwhile, what’s blooming in the Mediterranean Garden?




Stay tuned for the Continuing Education Talks and Demonstrations Series at Falkirk!

Falkirk offers Continuing Education Talks and Demonstrations,
along with the opportunity to join with other
UC Marin Master Gardeners and community members to work in the gardens.
It's a wonderful way to learn, gain hands-on experience,
meet other Master Gardeners, and simply enjoy the gardens
created by you and the UC Marin Master Gardeners.

Get your hands dirty and join the Falkirk team!

For more information or if you would like to work in the gardens,
 contact either Jessica Wasserman jessnart@comcast.net
or Gail Mason agmbean@comcast.net

Sponsored by Friends of Falkirk Gardens

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