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Join us for one of the Second Saturday
Work Party
days each month and work in
the many Beneficial Habitat Gardens at Falkirk,
which are filled with native plants. There is lots of
talking and learning together at the work parties.














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Falkirk News
by Gail Mason


Despite having to haul hoses from hither and yon to water the gardens (remember the broken City of San Rafael pipe?), the gardens are looking lovely. Please drop by to view them or come by Monday mornings to work in them with us! Or come to one of our Second Saturday work parties and help and join the Falkirkian gardeners!

What's coming up? 



Falkirk Events

September 9 (Saturday), 9:00-1:00 - Second Saturday Work Party

Snacks provided, but bring your own gloves and clippers.


October 14 (Saturday), 9:30-11:30 - Free Family Friendly Morning -"Creating a Bee-Friendly Garden for Spring"

The Falkirk MMG Pollinator Team presents hands-on learning and great bee information. This family-friendly event invites everyone to learn to make "seed balls" for birds and how to prepare your winter garden to welcome spring-native bees. Learn the basics of establishing the pollen and nectar plants that feed those bees. Fun morning with food and hands on learning (those seed balls!). Great for kids!

Sign up on VMS. 2 CE units. For more info, contact Connie Pelissero at connie@thesilsbygroup.com


October 21 (Saturday), 9:00-1:00 - Marin Chapter Fall Native Plant Sale "Right Plant, Right Place!"

Fall is the perfet time to plant native flora, ahead of the winter rains. This fall, we are focusing on two types of habitats and the plants that thrive under those conditions - riparian and dry shade under native oaks, both hard-to-grow spots. Lots of great plants will be on sale and there will be two free talks as well:

10:30 Talk - What to Plant Creekside

by Audrey Fusco, Nursery Manager and Restoration Specialist, SPAWN. 0.5 CE units.

11:00 Talk - Companion Plants for Native Oaks

by Charlotte Torgovitsky, CNPS Plant Guru. 0.5 CE units.

Besides attending, you can earn volunteer hours by helping with the sale setup on Friday, October 20, 11:00-3:00 (some portion of) or work the day of the sale. To sign up to volunteer, contact Jean Ballestero at jeanballestero@gmail.com



Stay tuned for the Continuing Education Talks and Demonstrations Series at Falkirk!

Falkirk offers Continuing Education Talks and Demonstrations,
along with the opportunity to join with other
UC Marin Master Gardeners and community members to work in the gardens.
It's a wonderful way to learn, gain hands-on experience,
meet other Master Gardeners, and simply enjoy the gardens
created by you and the UC Marin Master Gardeners.

Get your hands dirty and join the Falkirk team!

For more information or if you would like to work in the gardens,
 contact either Jessica Wasserman jessnart@comcast.net
or Gail Mason agmbean@comcast.net

Sponsored by Friends of Falkirk Gardens

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