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Marin Poetry Center

Marin Master Gardners


Programs at Falkirk

  1. Marin Master Gardeners
  2. Marin Open Circle
  3. Marin Poetry Center
  4. Talk of the Town Toastmasters
  5. Spanish Language Immersion Summer Camp
  6. Integral Transformative Practice 

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Marin Master Gardeners

Falkirk Master Gardeners offer a Continuing Education Talk and Demonstration each month along with the opportunity to join the Master Gardeners and community members to work in the gardens. It's a wonderful way to learn, gain hands-on experience, meet other Master Gardeners, and simply enjoy the beautiful gardens created by you and the Marin Master Gardeners. Get your hands dirty and join the Falkirk team each month!Click for Master Gardener events at Falkirk

For more information or if you would like to work in the gardens, contact either Jessica Wasserman or Gail Mason

Click for information about Marin Master Gardeners


Marin Open Circle

The Marin Open Circle usually host two events per month; on every other Tuesday evening in San Rafael, at the Falkirk Cultural Center at 1408 Mission Avenue. Be sure to check the schedule, or join their email list, to be notified of special events or changes to that schedule.

For event dates and details, click here:

For general questions, contact:  or call  (510) 725-9645



Marin Poetry Center

Marin Poetry Center hosts monthly readings and workshops at Falkirk. The third Thursday readings present prominent, nationally recognized poets. Open Workshops are held on the 4th Thursdays at Falkirk. The group sponsors community activities such as Poetry in the Schools and regular book groups. Marin Poetry was founded in 1981 by a dedicated group of Northern California poets as a non-profit organization designed to nurture an environment for the enjoyment of poetry and the spoken word.
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For general questions, contact:

For event-related questions, contact:


Falkirk Freewrite 
Held the first Tuesday of the month,
The group will resume on February 6, 2018
7:00 to 9:00 pm.





Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development. Members improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending one of the 14,650 clubs in 126 countries that make up our global network of meeting locations. We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.

Talk Of The Town Toastmasters Club
Meeting times: Thursdays at 12:00 noon

Click for more information about Toastmasters

For general questions, contact:  or call  (415) 485-3067



Integral Transformative Practice

Explore your vision for this phase of your life and discover a path of practice to help get you there. Find out what wants to emerge and crystallize your personal intentions for personal growth. Cultivate your transformation by engaging in a daily mind/body practice that brings to life your deepest potential.


The Journey of Practice Sessions will be presented by ITP trainers who will guide you through an interactive process of self-discovery and a roadmap for accelerated growth.

• Look deeply within to uncover cues for a more inspired, joyful and realized you

• Engage more fully on your path of growth and healthy change through the power of

   transformative affirmations

• Rejuvenate your whole being through the ITP Kata, a mindful series of movements which

   interweave relaxation, visualization techniques and stillness meditation



Integral Transformative Practice (ITP), a research-validated program for personal and social transformation, was created by Esalen Institute co-founder Michael Murphy and human potential pioneer George Leonard.


For more information, visit our website:

For general questions, contact:  or call  (888) 366-9213